Saturday, August 25, 2012


It is nearly 8am and the kids have just risen.  Sleeping in, I say... ;)

Colby and I have been up since 5:30.  I have run my two miles, and he has had his walk.  We have cleaned the chicken coop (more I than him...) and cared for the guinea pigs.  We have walked the garden and harvested the potatoes.

I am now deep within my next cup of coffee.

It has been a good morning.

We are now off for a round of harvesting and baking.  I have crust to make for a lunch time quiche, to be accompanied by home fries from this morning's harvest.  Tomatoes need to be picked and bought in for the makings of sauce, and green beans will need to be prepped  for a round of canning dilly beans.

It will be a busy day.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


It is 5:13 am, and I have been up since 3:50am.  The alarm went off like a starting pistol, and we were off. 

By 4:15am, I was hard at work in the kitchen.  The giant garden of the summer, which kept me so very busy weeding and planting, is now keeping me tied to the kitchen.  Cherry tomatoes are slow roasting in the oven, complete with olive oil and spices.  Water is readying to boil to blanch the green beans.  And once that is done, as soon as light hits the sky, we are back out to the garden to see what else can be harvested in the early morning hours.

There is no sleeping in during harvest days.

I know that I have scarcely a post to my name these days.  The summer has run away, and taken me with it, caught up in its warm rays and growing days.  But, I will be back soon with updates and pictures - so much has happened.  The baby chicks are now nearly full grown, and (I think) even saw fit to lay an egg.  We adopted a puppy, who is my new gardening (digging!) companion.

There is so much to write, and so little time.  So, until I can get back again...