Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Taking stock....of my fiber world

Good morning everyone!  It is Wednesday, and we are Yarning Along with Ginny and joining in with Tami's Work in Progress  and Ambassador Crochet today!

Now that the immediate tax filing deadline of October 31st has been met and gone by, the focus on the home has returned.  In taking stock of the large canvas bag that holds all of my works in progress, I see that I have several in the mix. 

The gray hat is nearly complete, needing just a few more rounds before it gets to a wearable stage.  The green shawl, on the other hand, needs a great deal more attention if it is going to be complete before the holidays.  And, the little Virginia Rose is going to need about 11 more companions before a small table centerpiece can be formed.

I think I have some good fiber work in my future.

On the reading front....well, not much is happening....I am nearly done with the audio book I was listening to, and am excited to return it and pick up another when I am at the library next.  I downloaded some reading on to my phone, for some literary fun on the go, but quickly realized that these downloads were of very short stories.  Being a lover of lengthy reading or triologies, I am left wanting for something a bit more. 

Any suggestions?  Would love some ideas for something in the fiction-fiber-homesteading-supernatural-etc... venue!!

Well, that is all on this end :)  Head on over to Ginny's, Tami's, and Ambassador's Crochet other happy ventures into fiber and literary fun.

I will see you there!


  1. Looks like you have some great projects to keep you going :) The hat looks so cute!

  2. I'm liking the look of the shawl, and the flowers look like fun hope there are some companions soon to start building that piece. Enjoy finishing the hat to keep a head snug.

  3. Very pretty shawl in such a nice pine green colour!

  4. Good luck with your projects! Have you heard of the ladybug farm series by Donna Ball. If you are a wannabe farmer you'll love it:)

  5. The shawl is beautiful!

    If you like historical fiction, then I'd suggest these books:

    The Historian
    The Swan Theives
    A Rose for the Crown
    The Thirteenth Tale

    Each of these books is long and allows you to revel in the language as you form relationships with the characters...

    Good luck!

  6. oooh that grey yarn is so beautiful - what brand is it? I might need to get some of that. Your crochet is so gorgeous, really pretty!! xx

  7. I'm glad it's not just me that has several WIPs on the go. The shawl looks lovely :)

  8. Lot's of lovely WIP's. And it's always good to have a quickie and a longer one going on together.

  9. The yarn looks so warm and cuddly - and I LOVE the small rose motif - can't wait to see the finished works

  10. Oh your projects are so beautiful! I really must learn to crochet!!

  11. The grey yarn is really pretty and seems to be coming along beautifully.

  12. beautiful work, and such lovely colors.

  13. Your crochet work makes me wish I was better at it. :-)


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