Friday, November 11, 2011

Home early...

A cold and wet November afternoon on the homestead....  and I am actually home.  It is kind of surreal being here, having left the office early to pick the kids up from school....

Usually it is the husband who pulls the evening shift, but today, we mixed things up.  Having left for "deer" camp around mid-day, the husband is gone for the weekend. 

And knowing that the afternoon pickup duties would come to me, I fled the homestead early to squeeze a few extra hours in at the office...therefore leaving early on the other end.

And, now we are here. 

I would love to brew a cup of espresso, cuddle under the blankets and just indulge for an hour or two.  Watch the ice-edged rain drops descend from the sky, only to create uneven patterns upon the porch.

I might just do that.

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