Saturday, November 5, 2011

Frost has fallen

Yesterday, upon arriving home with the kids from school, the sky was angrily spitting wet snow at us...but, of course, this being Vermont, this weather changed in less than five minutes as the sun shone and the blue sky tried to beckon us outside. And, of course, no sooner had I contemplated heading outside did everything change and rain began to fall.  Such is Fall in Vermont.

And this morning, frost has crusty, crunchy coatings upon each blend of grass.  Early this morning, I was was trekking to the side yard in order to compost the guinea pig bedding, and felt each individual strand break under foot.  I nearly stopped in place, not wanting to cause any more damage...but remembering my seven year old, guarding the laundry basket that was temporary housing for her tiny fuzzy friends, defending against possible attacks of the feline inhabitants of our house...I trekked on.

The chickens were none to pleased by the frost either.  In the midst of their molting season, most are half naked and exposed to the cold.  I hope their downy winter feathers arrive soon....for I know that snow is just around the corner.

So, we are inside for now, and being inside brings a certain comfort.  The kids are currently hard at work on floor puzzles, and none of us have changed out of our sleepwear.  I may cuddle under a blanket for a spell, and continue work on some handicrafts... Such will be our morning. 

I hope you all are enjoying a slice of the same :)

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