Sunday, November 13, 2011

A busily peaceful weekend...

The weekend is nearly through with us...and what a weekend it has been.

The husband retreated to the side of a mountain in celebration of the hunting seasons so the children and I were left to our own devices.  While I missed him, as always, we found so much to keep us busy.

Friday night was spent in a celebration of community as the kids and I (and a friend of my daughter as well) gathered at the local elementary school for a movie night.  It was such a wonderful experience, seeing families gathered together, kids, clad in pajamas, relishing in the joy of being let loose in the gymnasium after hours.  I can't think of why we hadn't gone previously.  This will definitely be a repeat event for our family.

And, as a side note, this experience was made all that much sweeter by the vote earlier in the week not to merger our little school with a neighboring one.  I know that this might sound dramatic, but I fear that a vote to merge school would be just one step from closing ours...  I can understand how such a move could be a great cost cutting measure for the town, but I would hate to lose our small school with its safe and comfortable is such a treasure...

But, to get back on topic...after an evening out at the "movies" it was back home for a late tuck in for the kids.  And once all was quiet, I found it hard to go to sleep.  I loved the quiet of the house and spent way too long that evening reading by the dim living room lamp.

Saturday was spent at home, cooking and cleaning, enjoying the moments with my children.  Even the cats were at peace, both curling up on corners of the couch, strangely resembling throw pillows with an occasional wide mouthed yawn.

And now, the children are gathered upstair, watching a movie and building their lego creations.  I have prepped the crock pot with chops and sweet potatoes that were grown from our own soil.  NPR is playing on the radio, and shortly I will pull out my nearly finished emerald green shawl in hopes of releasing it from its hook later in the day.

What a busily peaceful weekend...

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