Sunday, May 13, 2012


It has been challenging remembering to get online.  The days been taken over by so many things.  By the time I have completed by to-do list for a given day, a new one has begun.

We finally got some new chicks to add to the flock.  I purchased 3 pullets from a breeder in a nearby town.  That trip alone was eye opening.  I drove to a part of a familiar town that I was completely unfamiliar with - I didn't even know section an area existed, but there, on the side of a mountain was the most beautiful sheep farm.  The green rolled on for acres, sheep dotted the field in the way you read about in story books, and their hen house was an actual little house.  So beautiful - I think I fell oh-so-slightly in love.

The garden has been moving forward, more and more raised beds being created each weekend.  I am worried about keeping up with it all once we have passed planting and moved on to the weeding strange, but, well, you don't know until you try.  And try we will....  Dandelions are already popping up with a vengence.

The plants that had been growing full force in our dining room have been moved out to the garage to be hardened off.  The tomato plants average about 18 inches tall, and I am very excited about them.  We have been watching the weather closely, and I think that next weekend may be their weekend....  For planting that is. 

So far, onions & potatoes are the only items that have been actually planted in this years garden.  Asparagus is coming up, but that was planted years ago.  Garlic went in last Fall, and we are hopeful that will be popping up any day.  Time will tell.  We are getting very tired of purchasing our produce from outside sources.  It will lovely to begin our grocery shopping in the back yard once again.

I am continuing to run, training for a 5K that may or may not happen.  That isn't really the point anymore.  I am finding that in running, the thoughts racing through my head each and everyone straighten themselves out and make sense.  So, it is 2 miles every morning and 2 or 3 miles nearly every evening.  It is a good thing. 

It is Mother's Day today...but it really doesn't effect our household.  A few well wishes and token gifts - it is hard to get your heart around a holiday that really doesn't exist outside of Hallmark.  So, the day will filled with some cooking and cleaning, along with a visit from some friends.  I may dig through my seeds packets and see if any should go in today - seeing as how the skys are providing us with a nice light rain and some warm-ish temps.

But, for how, I think that it is breakfast time.

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