Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A late start....

We are off to a purposeful late start to the morning.

Well, not totally purposeful.  We did not mean to forget to set the alarm clock, which should have awakened us at 4:30am instead of 5, but the husband was still out the door on time and I still got my run in without child related interruptions.  Which is a good thing, as this mom does not begin to wake until the first mile is behind her.

We have decided that the kids will not be attending their school-sponsored all-day field trip today, so there is no early to rise incentive today.  My son awoke around 6:30, and my daughter just graced us with her presense about 20 minutes ago.  She swears that she was up all night - didn't get a wink of sleep....but the lady who checks on her each night knows better ;)

The extra sleep agrees with them.  Voices are lower, there are secret giggles...they are getting along.  Gone is the rush, rush, rush, of the weekday morning.  We will stay, right here, until about 9:15, and then will pack a bag and load van.  Once in town, they will hop in the truck with my husband and head for a (relatively) nearby ice cream factory for a daddy-sponsored field trip.

It will be delicious, I am sure.

I will stay in town to work in the office, enjoying the peace that the post-tax-season environment brings.  Work is still plentiful, but not back breaking.  Enjoyable in many way, I venture to say.  And a very good chance of pace from the weekend gardening marathons....

My hands are just beginning to heal from last weekend.  My sunburn?  Well that is another thing.  Damn sunblock - it just can't keep up.  And the garden is only about a quarter of the way in....  Memorial Day weekend will provide many, many hours to hopefully plant the rest.


But, until the busy-ness sets in again, I will rest and enjoy.  Soak in this peace and have another cup of coffee.

And enjoy.

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