Friday, May 18, 2012

Stubborn baby chicks....

The baby chickens refused to get in the coop tonight.

Simply refused.

I don't know that reason - maybe a rude feathered lady.  Something.  But I tried to tuck them in at 8:30, and then at 8:45, to no avail.  So, then, when I just heard some peeping outside the door to the chicken yard, I opened it slowly and pounced.  Scooped all three up and tossed them right into the coop.

Well, not tossed, exactly.  But, it probably wasn't so comfortable.

But now, they are safe.  Annoyed, but safe. No skunk snack here.  Done.

And the night is nearly done.  The kids are watching a movie upstairs, the husband is watching Swamp People or the like downstairs.  And I am here.  Done.  Or at least waiting to be done.  And asleep.

Tomorrow promises to be a busy day.  I will arise with the sun to get an early morning run in, and then head for the garden.  More seeds to go in, more ground to till.  Then T-Ball plant sales, team picture days, and general kid-related running about.  I will need all of the sleep that tonight will bring.  It will be a long day...

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