Saturday, February 11, 2012

The done and undone...

Yesterday, I awoke with the moon shining down from the silvery sky.  The lightness glowed through the room and brought a general happiness to my thoughts.  I love awakening naturally like this.  The fact that it was 3:35 am did not change this feeling.  Instead, I took charge of the morning, resetting the alarm for my husband, who was home and able to care for the kids before they were off for school, and headed down for the start of the day. 

The kitchen found me brewing two double espressos, which I up-ended into a thermos, and after a quick dressing, was out the door.  It is an early morning at the office - which continued into a long productive day. 

And then found me returning home with the stars.

Today is a different story.  My husband was the early riser, setting off before the dawn for a hunting excursion with a friend.  I remained warm and sleeping in our bed until my son awoke and snuggled in.  Soon after was my daughter, who, with a new sense of independence, set about to beginning her day without us.  She feels, that a the ripe age of seven and one half, a new need to take more responsibility for starting her own morning, heading downstairs, turning on the heat, and finding her breakfast.  I can't complain for this new movement, but is does leave me a bit nostalgic for the days that I was a bit more needed.

Now the day is seriously underway and I am trying to right my sails and figure out just what needs to be done.  The chickens are cared for, but the guinea pigs still need their cage to be cleaned out.  A quiche is in the oven, but I have not yet started a new batch of hard cider.  The list of done and undone is spread out before me, and I may need some more fortification before I can jump on board.

It will be a busy day.

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