Sunday, February 5, 2012

A great night and a early morning...

It was a good evening.  A very good evening.

The kids had been planning it all day.  Since around ten in the morning yesterday, my son was asking "is it time?".  The sun may have still been shining, but he didn't want to be late.  He put on his pajamas at one in the afternoon and started packing his bag.  Heavens, even my daughter came around and began to admit she was excited.

Where were we going, you ask?  Why, the local elementary school for movie night, of course.

See, it is a great affair.  Families from all around gather together and pull up space in the gym.  The floor is decorated in a patchwork of blankets, quilts and Pillow Pets.  Kids arrive clad in pajamas and dig into burgers and hot dogs purchased on site.  It is something that my children love. Delightfully organized chaos.  The kids run about before the start of the movie and during intermission, enjoying the sheer joy of being in the school after hours and in their pajamas.  The parents gather and chat.  Snacks flow in plentiful abundance.  It is good times.

I am really loving this community and the way you can just sit down and join up.  As a matter of fact, upon walking in the gym door, I got the "Hey Lee Ann!" call and was motioned over by one of the volunteer mothers.  They were needing a parent volunteer to help with the recycling and composting program for the cafeteria and thought I might be interested.  And I am...just need to know some details on the where and when....and how I am going to fit it in between tax returns...but we will get there. 

But, like all good things, the fun did come to an end.  At 2:35am, to be exact.  Right about when my daughter came down with the stomach bug that has been haunting the corners of this house.  I will spare you the details - it wasn't pretty.  And now that she has fully exhausted herself, and is starting to doze off, I am finding some reprieve as I ready to prep another espresso and consider some work.  Naps will come later.  Many, many naps. 

It was a great night, but a very early morning...

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  1. I've been lurking in the shadows, reading, but usually with a squirming baby in my arms rendering me useless to type a "hello"! The movie night sounds like great fun... but the bug not. We had a bug through our whole family last year, each one of us in turn and it was truly miserable. I hope you are all over it now; and you have got some sweet delicious SLEEP!!


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