Saturday, February 4, 2012

Random thoughts....

I am a woman of many random thoughts this morning.

For starters, it occurs to me that there are two types of people in my tax season mind.  Those who take to the caffeine, and those who don't.  And, of those who do, there are the ones who are satisfied with a nice cup of coffee and those who prefer mainlining the darkest espresso they can brew.  I am of the latter company.

I had to clean the guinea pig cage this morning.  We always use a bedding of wood shavings, but, today, I am out.  So, I have borrowed hay from the chicken shed and used that instead.  A riot broke out in the guinea pig cage - I think that they have been spoiled by the soft cleaning shavings of the past.  Either that, or I am really just a bad guinea pig owner.

My son just woke up.  There are two sides to my view point on this one...1) Oh man!  This means I need to share the laptop; and 2) You know, he really is quite warm and cozy.  Almost wish he got up sooner.  And than, maybe he could have cleaned the guinea pig cage!  Well, not really....

There are more thoughts to share, but now my son really wants the laptop.  So, my time here is done!

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  1. I am now picturing what a riot in a guinea pig cage actually looks like!


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