Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Damn allergies....

So, I wasn't feeling my best yesterday....It was the attack of the severe allergies.

And I have a confession to make. 

I have huge outdoor allergies.

Minutes in the garden without full protection, and I break out into hives.  The touch of many plants leave me inching for hours.  A night with the window left open, and I wake to a throbbing head and sour throat.  Add to this my allergy to cats, of which I have two, can you can call me a very not smart person.

I have tried so many type of medical relief, to no avail.  Pill, potions....even allergy shots.  And nothing works.

But, most days, it is OK.  Something I can live with without too much issue....but Sunday and Monday were exceptions.

Our small neighborhood is surrounded by 19 acres of common land.  And a few of those acres were overgrown grasses and weeds.  And....two of our neighbors teamed together to cut down a lot of the overgrowth on Sunday. 

It was so nice of them to take their time to do this, and it does look great....and will hopefully stop the wild parsnip from growing back so fiercely next year....but all of their hard work caused the air to come alive with flying allergens!

And....I live with a man who loves to sleep with windows fans on high....

Needless to say, Monday morning came....and I was a wreck of a person....

Every step I took resulted in a painful echoing in the head, and clear thoughts were impossible....

But, it is now Tuesday morning.  And the pain has receeded.  But I am left feeling pretty annoyed.  I love gardening, being outdoors, playing with my cats...I think I should be able to opt out of this whole allergic thing.  'Cause, it isn't going to stop me....but it does slow me down....

But, for the moment, here's to a clear thinking today! 

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