Friday, September 30, 2011

On the rocky road to Maine...

And we are off! On the rocky road to Maine, one two three four five…(Ok, ok, that was lame - but I have become recently shocked by the number of bands that have done “Rocky Road to Dublin…. But that is besides the point….) But, in all seriousness, we are on our way!

We are off for a long weekend in Maine. The first weekend away together in over 7 years! Kids have a way of doing that… ;)

Cats, guinea pigs, and chickens are settled and ready for their weekend at home. Kids off to their daily dose of education before the grandma sweeps them away for a weekend of fun, and we are heading out! And, as an extra dose of coolness, we have brought our wireless connection with us in the car, so we are super high tech!

I was shocked that packing turned out to be a very simple affair. Ever since having kids, we have found it so easy to get ourselves prepped to go anywhere (the kids are another story….). A few changes of clothes, a toothbrush…heavens, I spent more time organizing my yarn for the trip then anything else (and that was time well spent)…we just don‘t have high needs for ourselves. It is good to simplify.

As for the trip, I haven’t a clue what we are going to do once we get to our destination. And I think that might be the best part of this weekend away - we don’t need to make plans. It will be as it is, and we will enjoy the journey. And maybe catch up on some sleep. Yeah….sleep would be good.

So, long story short, we are off. With luck, plenty of awestruck pics of the ocean and the quaint village town of our landing spot will follow.

Enjoy the day, y’all! I know we will J

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