Sunday, September 4, 2011

An exhausting Saturday....

I am so thankful for the holiday weekend.  Without it, I don't know how I would get everything done.  Even sitting here, typing, I am struck by the realization that I should have started the salsa or the chili before resting upon the couch....who knows how long it will take me to get back up....

So, as discussed before, Spike did end up getting to his vet appointment.  In the end, the husband ended up putting him in a Have-A-Heart trap for transportation....seriously.  This is the cat that was less then a pound when he came to us at the way-too-young age of 6 weeks.  He is now ringing in at 17 pounds...and low and behold... now on a kitty diet.  The vet was not quite pleased...

Saturday morning was spent on our other property - cleaning up some downed trees and working on the camp site.  It is really starting to come along.  All of the pictures included on this post were taken at the property.  I think that the majority of the downed trees were from pre-Irene times...but were maybe just knocked around in the wind, to land right where they should not be.

Regardless of any of that, it is the natural beauty of the land that is always mind-blowing.  I take pictures, hoping to share that feeling, but it is never the same...  it is like that land that time forgot.
While we were there, we dug a few small trees to bring back to the homestead.  This time, it was just two spuce trees and a willow.  On the land, there just isn't enough sun for these small trees to stand a chance...but on the homestead, sunlight is in abundance.  Once daylight breaks in full this morning, I shall venture out to see how the new additions handled the night and give them a good watering.

Once the trees were planted, it was time to get ready for the evening affairs.  We were heading north to the Islands, for a family gathering.  The day was perfect and the lake was beautiful.  The kids had a great time, the end...the heat and the sun won, and I had some overactive cranky kids on hand.  Needless to say, sleep came easy to them last night.

And it is now Sunday.  I have work to do, a house to clean, and lots to cook.  And now that I notice that sun rising on the horizon, I see that I have chickens to let out of the coop.  So, I will bit farewell for a few....and wish you all a wonderful holiday weekend!

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