Thursday, September 8, 2011

A rainy, rainy day...

We have been getting so much rain.  Much of Vermont is in ruins, and so many of our friends to the south of the state have been dramatically effected.  And the flood warning continue on....

On the homestead, all is safe and issues are so very minor. What is left of my garden is constantly soaked, and will be gone to rot shortly.  I have no desire to leave indoors of the office or the home, and am perfectly content to stay within and watch it all come down without my participation.  I am getting lazy.

During the summer, I would have braved that rain, clad in muck boots and an old rain jacket, and headed straight out to the garden.  Now, however, I daydream about crochet and knitting projects....I want to cook and craft, occasionally clean, and read blog entries on other inspiring sites. 

I feel guilty about this attitude towards the outdoors, but feel no motivation to make a change.  So, I will continue to live on the indoors during these days...but will always remember to feel grateful for my safe and dry home in this rainy, rainy weather.

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