Monday, September 26, 2011

Garden plans....

It is amazing what  clean(ish....) house will do for your spirits....

I tore much of the downstairs apart yesterday for a thorough cleaning.  And it was very much needed.....I love the summer, but I find it so hard to remain indoors when there is so much to do out...and my house shows that neglect.  I mean, I figure, where will the dirt go?  Veggies can rot on the vine, but dirt will never leave.  So it can wait.

Until Fall.

And it is Fall.

So, the house is clean (at least for another hour....until the kids get up) and much of the outdoors is closed up for the season.  Not as much to do out there now.  I admit, I did have visions of a grand Fall garden, but the intense rain from the late summer took care of part of that thought, and my full frozen and pantry took care of the rest.  Without veggies to harvest or storage for said harvest, the gardening is pretty much complete.

But, even as I type this, I remember this is not quite true.

The garden of this past season is nearly put away.  But the garden of next season is still in the works.

Our functional veggie and fruit garden is currently about 20 feet by 60 feet.  A decent size, nothing to sneeze at...  But, for next year, this garden will grow.  To about a quarter acre.... Which might still sound small, but it not.  It will be 4 to 6 times bigger than before!  It will be a whole host of possibilities!

So, in the next 2 weeks, we need to get a rotiller and start to work the soil.  I would like to have everything turned over this Fall, so that beds can be raised and ready for planting next Spring and Summer.  I figure, we will have our work cut out for us this Winter, between selecting seeds, starting seedlings...and dealing with the frigid winter chicken care (shoveling...lots and lots of shoveling....) it will be so lovely to have everything that much closer to planting next garden season.

And now...I am all amped up to get back outside, and start work....  But is it Fall, the house, and family, need my attention, and I must remain right here....At least for another 5 minutes....I am sure that I can manage five minutes....

And I can always grab the kiddos and bring them along....I am sure they won't mind...really....

OK, maybe a little...  ;)

Happy beginning of the week, y'all!

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