Friday, September 23, 2011

Passage of time...

It is Friday again...and that's a good thing...

Not that it's been a particularly difficult week - but Fridays are always more joyous then other days.  The signal of the weeks end bring about a few days to focus on home and family, which is always welcome. 

But, it is always amazing to me how fast the weeks go.  It feels like I just made the post from last Friday, and here I am again....still in the same spot, made warm by the the same blanket, next to the same cat.....

I remember this feeling so strongly from when my son was a baby.  Each night, while my husband read to our daughter, my son and I would sit on his bedroom floor, leaning against the large stuffed horse, as he had his final beverage of the night.  And each night, I would think to myself that the next thing I know, we will be back in the same spot the next night.  And we would.  The days that would surround those nights are a blur, but those precise memories stand out.

Time passes quickly.  Summer is gone, and the Equinox is here.  It is Fall, and there is no stopping the change.  And I will blink, and be back in the same spot yet again tomorrow....and the only remedy for this passing of time is to fill my days in the best way I know how.  To live complete and fully, and be able to fall back to bed each night, knowing that each day was lived truely.  To live with love and joy and build a snap shot of memories in my head with each passing moment.

And so here I go, into another Friday, and I am ready for this day.  Fully.

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