Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flowers vs. weeds....

I have been so intent on my vegatable gardens, that I have completely forsaken the flowers.

The weeds are taking over....

After dinner, I told my husband to call me in a few minutes, so that we could get the kids to bed....I had to get out to the front flower garden.  However, once I started on that one, I noticed the one under the maple tree, and then the one by the crab apple tree, and then....well, you get the picture.  A few moments stretched to a much longer amount of time.  And now - it is time for bed.

So, the plan for the morning - as soon as the sun rises, I will be outside.  The flowers await, and they are sick of sharing their sun and nutrients with the weeds.  It is time to show those weeds just who is boss!

Or, at least try....can't forget about the veggies, after all....

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