Thursday, August 4, 2011

Starting the day....

So, the sun has not yet risen, and I am stuck in the house. 

Well, not stuck, literally, as I could venture outside if I choose to...but I am fearful that the Mystery Predator is out there, waiting.  And, assuming that it is the animal that we think it is, it will not run in fear from me.  Brave little b#st%rd.....

So, I wait in inside, knowing that time is wasting, but that the Feathered Ladies are safe.  I wish so very much that I could take advantage of these early morning hours by putting in some extra hours garden-side...but it just isn't going to happen.

My mind is trying to make a list of all that need to get done today, but it is just working through half-lists and then giving up.  Coffee has not fully hit the energy stream yet, and all is futile until that happens.  We are off to a baseball game today with the kids and some friends.  "Making the memories", as my husband says....which makes sense...and the kids are overjoyed at the prospect.

I do wonder why, however, my kids are always so eager to leave the homestead.  Most mornings are started with the question of "where are we going today?".  Often that question is answered by "school", "camp", "work"....and they aren't terribly picky.  They just seem to want to make sure that an activity is planned. 

I wonder if I was like that as I child.  As an adult, I yearn for time at home.   A week day that is not followed by an additional activity (i.e. errands) often seems like a race to the finish, where the reward is unplanned time at home.  The kids do not seem to like that reward.

But, that is all of no matter today, as an activity is planned, and I only need to garner the energy to rise from the couch and begin working through the day.

Maybe another cup of coffee will help.....

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