Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Laying in wait....

So, as I mentioned earlier today, the Mystery Predator (aka M.P.) is back.

And I really wish it wasn't.  I really, really, wish that someone had already taken care of it....but that wish was not granted.

So, we are once again huddled in the house, waiting for something to happen.  Traps are laid, "snacks" included.  And we can just hope that it works.  I feel bad saying this, but I hope that it comes back and we get it.  I am tired of being on edge, looking cautiously out in the back yard, scanning for suspicious activity or hideous carnage. 

My daughter used to love coming with me to let the Feathered Ladies out in the morning, but now I am fearful of what we might find.

So, now, we lay in wait, and hope that we succeed. 

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