Saturday, August 6, 2011

The harvest is waiting.....

It's Saturday morning.....

The sun is up, but the air is lazy.  The kids are relaxing on the couch, enjoying the quiet time, but I am busy in the kitchen, shredding zucchini and baking muffins.

We have yet another kids party to attend today, and I am working on our "pot luck" dish.  Upon waking, I had no idea what we were going to bring, and I even entertained the idea at stopping at the grocery store on the way....

But that is the laziness speaking....the garden is kicking and the harvest is full.  Zucchini are flying out of the garden at high speeds, and the basil needs to be harvested before it bolts (any ideas of what to do with huge amounts of basil, beside pesto....?  Pine nuts are fiercely pricy these days....).  Chard and kale also need to be harvested and blanched for the freezer.  This is no time to be lazy.

In addition, the edamame is finally getting on its way.  Now that the beetle issue has been dealt with (the best $6.69 I EVER spent!!!), the pods should be filling out and ready to pick soon.  Laziness is just not an option.

So, zucchini has been shredded and mixed with the Feathered Ladies eggs (amongst other ingredients...) for zucchini muffins.  Other masses of shredded zucchini has been sealed in one cup servings for the freezer.  I have even cleaned and set aside zucchini seeds (heritage, not hybrid) for drying and saving for next years garden.

So, while the air is lazy, it is the sun that inspires.  And there is no time to waste.  The harvest is waiting.... :)

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