Saturday, August 20, 2011

Remember to breathe...

The internet connection is slow...

I feel that I should rise above this, but today is not the day....This day was chock full and we were moving at hyper speed, scarcely taking a breath at intermissions. 

We rose in the morning, tended to the kids, the chickens, the furred friends...and once assembled, we headed to our property on the other side of town.  We mowed, we weedwacked, we used the crazy big chain saw...and now we nearly have a camp site and a path to the pond.

We got back home, only to shower and change and ready for a visit from the in-laws.  The husband had a birthday during the work week, and it was time to celebrate.  A trip into town and dinner at a family-friendly restaurant, and we were moving again...this time to the grocery store...then the gas station...and then home to put everything away and settle the kids in for the night.

It feels like the day was a complete rush-rush-rush kind of day.  Had I of remembered to take a deep breath and look around, I would have found more joy and less hurry in it.  But I forgot, I worried about productivity and getting everything done, and now I am back on the couch settling in for the end of the night.  And I am still rushing around in my mind and feeling annoyed by the slow internet connection.

This is a problem.

This is not the plan.

This craziness can not continue.  It is time to live in the moment, and truely experience each one.  Because the day is full, but it is also beautiful, and that beauty can not be ignored.

So, I will go to bed and awake to a new day.  And remember to slow down...and breathe.

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