Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Revenge upon the beetles....

Well, I did it.  I finally sucked up it, hauled my cookies to the supplies store, and purchased a japanese beetle trap.  I hate to feel vengeful, but those nasties are going to get my edamames, dang it!!

A few weeks ago, I noticed that the edamame leaves had a lot of holes eaten into them.  After shaking down the plants, I saw that they had become home to many, many beetles.

For days after, I would make a point each day to whack at the plants and shake the beetles off.  I had heard of the japanese beetle traps, but that knowledge was both positive and negative.  Either they worked, or they made the problem worse.  But frankly, after some contemplation, I finally decided that there was no time to waste.  I was not going to lose that crop, and this might be my only hope....

So, tonight, under cover of darkness and mosquitos, I installed the trap.  And now I can only wait and hope...for my edamames will have their revenge!!

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