Wednesday, October 12, 2011

All along the fiber front...

And.....we're back!

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There was a lot of happenings on the fiber front this week.  To start, after last Wednesday's post, I hauled cookies and finished up my felted slippers.  It was quite magical to see how a hot washer could transform them. 

Oh so floppy...

Transformed to firm and felted!
   I am now eager to get some more woollen yarn and try again.  In particular, I am thinking of picking up some fiber by Stitch anyone tried this yet?  I have read some great reviews, but haven't actually come eye to eye with the brand as of yet.

Almost blanket stage...

And, then there was a purse...
Over the weekend, a last minute gift for a little girl prompted me to transform that baby blanket into a crocheted purse.  I am quite pleased with the result! 

I just hope that the recipient was happy as well.  Normally, our birthday giving to my daughters friends include small plastic items like Littlest Pet Shops - but my daughter had her heart set on a handmade gift - which I am totally happy to support.  But...nevermind the fact that she made this decision just 2 hours before the start of the party.... 

So, with those two items off their respective hooks, I am concentratiing on my daughter's blanket, and a shawl I am making for the holiday season....
In the beginning...

A work in process...
 the blanket has come a long way since the start...



At the start...

In the tangle...

but the shawl...well lets just say it is in the development stages....

On the reading end of the spectrum, I have put aside the latest Jim Butcher novel for the moment, in favor of Debbie Macomber's 'The Shop on Blossom Street'.  It is a light read, reminding me of Maeve Binchy, a solid favorite of mine.  Charming and fun - a sweet read for a fiber lover :)

So, that is all on this end.  Check back to Ginny's site for more Yarn Along fun and Tami's site for other Work In Progress.  I will see you there :)


  1. I love that you managed a quick transformation from blanket to purse, very clever :)

    The shawl is looking... in development ;) Love the colour

  2. I hate the tangle!!!!!!

    And I love your purse for your daughter's friend. Great idea and great job thinking on the fly like that!

  3. Lots of wips. Love the blanket to purse!

  4. Love your slippers !! your place sounds like ours we have 6 rescue chickens and 6 pekins.. all roaming free in our garden.. lol

  5. Everything is beautiful! I love how the colors blended in the felted slippers. Turning the blanket into a purse was a genius idea -- handmade gifts are a welcome change from all the plastic toys. My youngest collected Littlest Pet Shop for a few years, and her older sister had a frightening amount of Polly Pocket things with their microscopic accessories!

  6. Love the blanket to purse and love the slippers! Great stuff!

  7. I love the felted slippers. I made a pair of felted clogs for my Dad last year and he loves them. They keep you toasty warm and they are super comfy.
    How do you get to have chickens in the burbs? I think our city by laws would restrict it here.

  8. As a matter of fact, my Rhinebeck hat featured in today's Yarn Along post of mine was made with Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe. I made my friend's rhinebeck hat (not pictured in the post) with Full o' Sheep.

    I enjoyed using both yarns, though, FOS is more like pencil roving to work with since it is a single-ply yarn. YMMV

  9. Love the felted slippers!

  10. We have similar tastes in books! (and in slippers too)

  11. I like how the blanket is turning out. What pattern are you using for it?

  12. the slippers are so cute. all your wips are lovely. oh and the purse, so clever, great idea.

  13. Your daughter's blanket looks very elegant. Love the pattern. And yes, I've used Stitch Nation -- I made granny square slippers last winter. I found it to be very slippery on the hardwood floors, so it was not a good choice for that project.


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