Thursday, October 13, 2011

A garden to plan....

The weekend is a full two days away, but I am already full of plans....

My husband is off and away during every possible free moment, enjoying the hunting season (which is our trade off for the tax season that pulls me from the home every winter and early spring), so it is just me and the kids.

And the giant garden has been tilled.  What once was about 1,000 square feet of edibles and tons of grass, is now a soon-to-be garden of nearly a quarter of an acre...even the person who came to till it on the Monday was amazed.

But, we are ready!

A close friend will be utilizing approximately 600 square feet for their our kitchen garden, and I hope to expand the fruiting bushes by double.  Other than that - we are up to our eyes in beds to raise, seeds to choose, and garden joy to tackle. 

This fall, the work will be limited to just raising the beds, to cut down on the work for next the winter, I will be pouring over seed catologs, aiming to choose the best heirloom seeds for our family and our climate, in the hopes to practice seed saving techniques for the years to follow.  And in the spring (post tax season, of course, we will be running at full tilt, planting and tilling, watering and mulching.

I can't wait!

So, all that being said, it will be a full weekend - full of dirt, iron rakes and shoves, and lots of hopes and dreams....

But until is Thursday ;)  Happy day, y'all!

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