Friday, October 21, 2011

And the weekend plans are.....?

It is Friday, and while I normally have some sort of an idea of what the weekend will bring at this point, I just can't keep it straight.

Hence waking at 5 am, eons before I hope to hear another member of this family walking the floor boards above me.  It is time to figure out what, exactly, is the plan.

Today is a day of work at the office - starting early, but ending at the banking hour of 5pm.  Not bad for a CPA enveloped in very busy part of the year! 

But, at 5, the day is not nearly over.  The son will be dropped off to me and we are heading out to a birthday party (please, oh please, don't let me forget to wrap the present!).  When the evening is through, it is onward home, and probably straight to bed.

Saturday will start with our often weekly fun of a play/crochet/garden date with nearby friend and her children.  She is the one embarking on next years garden extravaganza with us, so we are working hard to prep and get ready.  After the morning fun is through, it will be time to feed my little people, and then up the street we will walk, pumpkins in hand, for a pumpkin carving party!  And, if that wasn't enough fun, the evening will bring a Halloween party at the local elementary school.

I am exhausted just thinking of it!

Moving on to Sunday, I think the only event on tap is a playdate at a nearby playground.  Which, now that I write this, I am remembering that I should reconfirm with the other participants.....

And mixed in with all of this, I need to clean this house (and I didn't even mention the mouse I found in my home office!!  Cleaning time!), get some cooking done, organize for a party that we are hosting next weekend, and get several hours of more professional work done from home (please let there be no more mice in my home office....).

I am a bit dizzy from it all.

Maybe I will just go back to bed.  Think that will help?

No?  I didn't think so...

Happy Friday everyone!

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