Saturday, October 15, 2011

An unsuspected success...

We had big plans for today...

In my minds eye, I saw myself waiting for the crack of dawn and then rushing outside to the newly enlarged garden.  I was going to run full force at the creation of more raised beds then I can count, and then relish in the future fruits of my labor.

But, that was not meant to be.

We awoke to the pouring of rain.  And while my husband still hurried off to greet the dawn from his duck blind, I merely gazed off into the sheets of rain coating the window glass.  This would not bode well.

And sadly, we were right.  While the rain sped away in the late morning, it was not until late afternoon until we ventured out to the garden.  Some of the saturation had fled the soil, but enough was still present to let the raising of garden beds be a tough task to tackle....but we trudged on, and ended a solid hour of wet work with several beds raised and in place. 

Thoroughly chilled, I fled back into the house to warm up and tend to more domestic details.  Many parts of the home have been cleaned, laundry and ironing have been dealt with, chapters of a book have been read, and I have actually finished untangling a mess of yarn that I have been struggling with for a week.

So, while the day didn't quite turn out as planned, it will still an unsuspected success of a different type. 

And I am glad.

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