Thursday, October 6, 2011


So....I was so completely excited last night over the slippers that I hauled cookies and finished them up!  And then felted them!

It was amazing!!



I am completely shocked by how easy it was!  Just some time in a hot washer with a tad bit of detergent....and ta da!

That being said - I did learn quite a bit from the experience, and this will not be the end...  I found the fiber I used to be awesome, and I love the colors.  However, in the slipper itself, I need to make the toe wider and the sides and back higher.  Right now, these fit like slip-ons, but ideally, the next ones will be a more secure fit.

That being said - I love them.  Now, where's my hook?  Let's go another round!!


  1. oh my goodness - I love the end result! probably not as much as you do...

    What a beautiful color after felting


  2. They look great :) Love how the yarn turned out once it was felted :)

  3. Oooooh they look very cosy and fuzzy after felting...the wool looks gorgeous when its felted too!


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