Monday, October 17, 2011

Planning for handmade...

Joining in with Tonya over at Plain and Joyful Living today, for the Handmade Holiday.

And I am psyched to say that this prep has begun for us in our little corner of Vermont.

Meaning....I have finally finished untangling the crazy mess of yarn that I tumbled into.And, after re-evaluating the pattern I picked out for the shawl, I have jumped in and am running forward.  I do worry a bit that the fiber I am using isn't quite delicate enough for the pattern, but I am crossing my fingers that it will turn out OK.  I think that the color will be perfect for the recipient, so I really hope it works out....

This week, I intend to continue this shawl and also stop by a local store to find some yarn to use in felting slippers.

For more handmade holiday news, head on over to Tonya's site at Plain and Joyful Living.  I will see you there!

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  1. I have been planning to make felted slippers too!! I'll be sure to check out Tonyas site... see you there!


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