Sunday, October 2, 2011

Back home...

So, the trip to Maine was a success!

But I am so happy to be home.

The kids were with their grandparents this weekend, and they had a blast. But the son, in a short-lived burst of sadness (before he was excited by something and dropped the phone) wanted to know WHY we had to be gone for TWO nights. And right then, I was ready to get home.

But we had a great time. We were foot loose and fancy free, with no solid plans - which was a great change from our normally crazy scheduled life. And this lack of plans were handy when we “indulged” a bit too much on Friday, and were less than ready for the Saturday ahead. But, we got our act in gear and managed to head north to Freeport for some happy times at LL Beans, and I personally went a bit crazy at Bass Shoes (as much as I try to simply and minimize my consumerisms….I have such a weak spot for boots…)

Lunch was spent at a great pub, where I was able to get an 802 WoodChuck (something I never get when I am actually in 802...Amber is my standby….), and then we were off to Kittery. There, we set up shop at the Kittery Trading Post.

There, practical matters were tended it. I finally got a Gerber for my keychain, so that next time I am stuck in the hay shed tackling tangles of twine, I will be able to cut myself out. And then we also looked at their fierce selection of guns…a sticky point for me.

I have been able to get through my whole life so far without ever shooting a gun. I hate to even be near them….but I live with an avid hunter. And we have recently learned that our property on the other side of town is home to bear, moose, lynx, and coyote.

None of these bother me over much, as we are ideally seeing their property to be somewhat of a wildlife preserve - but we found out that the coyote are packing up during the day, right by our access road. And we regularly bring the kids with us when we are working on the land.

As anyone familiar with coyotes knows, those beasts think nothing of approaching people once they are packed up. And they aren’t exactly friendly.
And so, I am operating from a place of fear, thinking that it would be the most responsible thing if I were to learn to handle firepower, should it be needed to protect my children, but still breaking out in the cold sweat at the thought of actually doing it…

So, the trading post was a great place to immerse myself in the atmosphere of these uncomfortable objects…but I am still at a bit of a cross roads as far as how to move forwards.

Once that shopping venture was complete, it was time to drive into something a bit more fitting for my soul…and wasn’t I lucky to spot a local yarn haven! In I went, while the husband hid in the van, and in there I stayed for a long, long time….So many choices, I just could not decide. I ended up leaving with a large skein of emerald dyed highland wool, and I can’t wait to start working with it! But self restraint must be practiced until my daughter’s blanket is finished….must not be sidetracked….well, not too much.

I am realizing that I could go on and on…but that will do nothing to start getting dinner ready for the table. And that should be the next point of business. But I am quite pleased to say that I actually know what I will be cooking. Some veggies with garlic sausage send down from a friend’s farm. Completely delicious!

But first, I think I will need to start of the coffee for some liquid energy…It just may be an early night ;)

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