Monday, July 18, 2011

And here we begin....

Welcome to our tiny little homestead!  The home of my completely crazy family and this wanna-be farmer.

We are not your traditional homesteaders and I certainly don't fit the profile (if there is one anymore..)  I enjoy hardcore music, platform boots, and brightly dyed hair.  We live in a standard colonial house on an acre of land, surrounded by several other neighbors, just like us.  The mini-van carts kids to school and hay to home.  And the husband and I each have full time jobs outside of the home.

However, we have 16 chickens in the backyard and a garden that is growing each moment (watch our grass!  Just a weed, afterall...).   I don't think I will be completely satisfied until all of the green grass out back is taken over for edible food items or meandering/strolling/waddling friends.  I dream of goats, or angora rabbits, or turkey poults, and even ducks, but am satisfied for the moment with the chickens, cats, and guinea pigs.. 

My parents are curious, my husband is patient and amused, and my kids can't wait to see what furry/feathered/etc friend comes to live with us next.  And, frankly, their guess is as good as mine!  The day is very young.

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