Saturday, July 30, 2011

Real men play the accordian....

If I had a bucket list, tonight's event would have been on it. 

Finally, FINALLY, saw Dropkick Murphys live!  Such an amazing show - and might I just takes a real man to play the accordian. 

And the kilts!  Kilts, upon Doc's, upon Converse, upon step dancing....such were the sights!  And I was in absolute HEAVEN!

We arrived home at the completely late hour of 11:30pm, thanks to our fantastic babysitter of the evening, and when straight to tuck the Feathered Ladies in for the night. 

All good on that front, as long as you do not count broody hens.... 

Just when Kevin finally realizes that a) we do not have a rooster, and b) she is rarely actually sitting on any eggs...we find with another broody hen.  It is Sylvie AGAIN, the Broody Bantem.  And she is a nasty one when she wants some chicks.  Ugh! 

I have had enough of these broody ladies.  Starting to feel like we need to host a *health* class for hens - you know, like the ones we were forced to attend in middle and high school.  Something to educate them on the facts of life....  could work, right?  Right?

Well, time for a drink (lovin' the hard cider!) and then off to bed.  'Cause no matter when I go to bed, the kids still rise at the same crazy-early hour :)

'Night, y'all.

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