Sunday, July 31, 2011

Off to the beach....

Ok.  I admit it - we spent more time today off the homestead than on...but it was for a good reason.  Really! 

We were at the beach!

For a birthday party!

Truely great reasons.

My kids, having lived in Vermont all their lives, have never swam in the lake.  I know, I know...that is crazy!  But true....

But upon reaching the waters edge, they were transformed to fishes, and they were off!

Such a fantastic time, with friends all around.  Makes me truely appreciate our wonderful community.  Can't wait to get together and see everyone again.

And, I had the great treat of a chat with an actual farmer (not just a wanna-be like myself).  It was lovely to talk about crops, planting times, and what was blooming, without fear of the other party getting bored of the conversation (I do tend to carry on, and on, and on....). 

During cake time for the little ones, several of us parents gathered around for some chicken talk, trading thoughts and notes.  I am feeling so very jealous of those who do not have the chicken politics that we deal with daily (speaking of which, at least one egg was broken AGAIN today as the Feathered Ladies jockied for the best place to lay their eggs....kind of defeats the purpose of laying eggs to begin with, if you ask me...).  I guess some chickens have more manners than others.....hmmmm...

After the party, we were lucky to carpool with another mother, who has children whos ages mirror our own.  It was lovely to get to know her better - I have a feeling we will be seeing a good amount of each other...those kids appear to be making fast friends!  It is amazing the bonding that two little boys can do over mud and seaweed.

Once we got back home, I was able to shovel out the van, and head to the backyard for some grocery shopping.  On menu was an egg and veggie casserole.  So, in to the bag went the kale, chard, basil, zucchini.... grab some eggs on the way back to the kitchen, and it was time to start cooking.

We might not have been on the homestead much today, but we sure enjoyed the fruits of our labor! 

But now, bed is calling to me.  Time to tuck in the Feathered Ladies and call it a night.

'Night y'all ;)

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