Monday, July 25, 2011

And it is Monday...

Two double espressos later....and I am awake!  Finally!...the brain and body needed a huge jump start this morning.

We had such a busy weekend, but oh-so-productive - it was fantastic.  Two new raised beds were completed, another garden shelter structure was built, and the yellow wax beans are in the ground!  The kale was re-seeded, and "seasoned" chicken hay was laid on top of it all.  What the Feathered Ladies lack in egg production these days, they make up in manure - which may sound nasty, but is fantastic for the garden soil!  And it is lovely to be able to stop buying "Moo-Doo". 

We met some possible new neighbors this weekend as well, and I am crossing my fingers that everything works out for them.  Of course I am doing this for completely selfish reasons, as they have a son close in age to my son, but maybe karma won't mind ;).  Soon, the little people in the neighborhood will outnumber the tall ones - which sounds like a great way to grow up!  We are very blessed to have a such a wonderful neighborhood for our children.

This week looks to be cooler than the previous, so I have high hopes for more work in the garden, turning and tilling the new soil, and plan to have one more raised bed to plant.  After this weekend, the seeds will be put aside until next year, and focus will solely on weeding and harvesting.  Who knows?  Maybe I will even clean the house!  Well, maybe....let's not get our hopes too high up there - it's a long way to fall...

Well, I am off to get ready for the day.  Going to steal into the bathroom for a quick haircut (yes, I am WAY too lazy to actually go somewhere to get my hair cut), and then it is time to let the Feathered Ladies out, care for the furry ones, and get lunches going for the little people. 

Ready?  Set?  OK...time to go....yup...getting up right

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