Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A normal day....

OK - so after last night's rant, I truely hope that I have exorcised the anti-tech!  These issues are no fun (I know, "duh!"), but if bad things come in threes,  I have had my fill!

Today could be a so-called 'normal day'.

I say 'so-called' normal day, as this idea of normal changes constantly.  I don't even know what the definition is anymore.  If I am referring to the status quo, then the day could turn out to be all kinds of crazy!  With kids, a husband, chickens, cats, guinea pigs...who knows how the day could turn out!  The possibilities are endless!

So, I am hoping, I suppose, for a more peaceful day.  We are in the deep of summer, but school feels like it is just around the corner.  The work days are full, and the home life is active and sweet.  I would like some quiet time to be with the kiddos before school and work, and then some time to spend in the garden before night falls.

I am manifesting these good thoughts and small wishes.  If I move quietly and gently through the day, it just might work!  But, we can't let the day know our plans, so don't tell!  And it just might be so.

Happy wishes to all for a peaceful "normal" day...

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