Saturday, July 23, 2011

An unexpectedly busy day

So, the morning started easy.  It's the weekend, so I slacked and slept in until 7 o'clock.  Crazy indulgent, I know....  The Feathered Ladies were a bit pissed, but I was well rested.

After the animals, feathered and furred, and family were all fed, I ran outside to start on some gardening.  The husband told me last night that it would be just fine if I expanded the vegatable garden to encompass the whole back of the back yard (about 1/4 of an acre), so I am moving at super-speed to till it all up before the end of summer....and since we are in Vermont, that could happen any day....

However, the day changed as the husband had the great idea for all of us to go up to our land, located about 20 minutes away, to begin clearing bush from the soon-to-be camp site.  The land is currently 54 acres of wilderness, but it may become home to our expanded homestead of the future.  In the short term, it will be a site for a hunting camp for the husband and friends.

Well, we arrived at the site and began unloading our equipment, only to hear a hissing sound coming from a back tire.  We had blown out a tire, and it was losing air fast!  We scrambled back into the truck to haul cookies off the land and back to the main road before we were only riding the rim.  We pulled over at a neighbors house (with two properties, we now have two sets of neighbors, a welcome add-on!).  We jacked the truck and changed the tire, with the niegh helping to patch the hole in the original.  (Keep in mind that this was all happening as a neighbor from our other property was working on my mini-van...feeling very blessed right about now...)

Once all was done, we trooped on back to the property and dug in for 2 solid hours of work - mowing and clearing bush....completely exhausting work.

And now we are back home.  Both vehicles are functional, thanks to several of our neighbors, and we have a newly cleared campsite.  And I am heading back to the garden, for I have lots of grass rip up.

This evening might just call for a drink....a very large drink.... :)

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