Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The anti-tech...

I declare this to be my anti-tech week.  Not because I am protesting all items technical - oh no!  I love my computer, my smart phone, my kindle app...not to mention online banking and bill pay. 

It is the tech that is protesting me!

On Sunday, our laptop was hit with the "Vista Antivirus 2012" virus.  It was not until the "program" asked me to register (and pay!) for their program with the word "registre" that I realized something was up.  Last time I knew, those people at Microsoft were pretty smart.  Certainly, they MUST know how to spell register.

Thanks to knowledge gained via our other (un-infected) laptop, I was able to throw the (infected) laptop into DOS mode and do a restore, sending the software back in time one month.  Pretty quick thinking, if I do say so myself...

On Monday, my debit card wouldn't work.  I KNEW I had funds in the account, so I called the bank to find out what was up....  Turns out the number took a vaca all the way to ITALY!  I mean seriously, Italy?!?  Couldn't even stay stateside?!

Today, my email access via my phone was shut down.  User name and/or password incorrect....  And I know I did not type it incorrectly...  Upon arriving home and attempting access in the more traditional method, I learned that my account was temporarily shut down due to a security risk.  Just who would want MY email?  Not very exciting stuff...

So, I must ask - What the heck is going on?!?  This is craziness!  It is karma?  A sign from the heavens?  And what's gonna happen tomorrow?

The anti-tech has struck.

So...pardon me...I think I will hide with the chickens.  I will be in the coop if anyone needs me.  Take care...have a good night...wake me when it is over...  ;)

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  1. I have to laugh. I hide with my chickens when I need anti-stress time too!


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