Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The M.P. (Mystery Predator)

So, as my FaceBook friends already know, we have had quite the adventure so far this summer....and it all started with a little guinea hen. 

Well, maybe not so little.  I thought she would be little (I have no idea why), but she was big - big like a turkey and quite exotic (unlike a turkey).  She even had a horn!  Quite lovely in a charming, prehistoric way... 

We adopted her off of Craigs List (remember the addiction...) as her current home was in a smaller neighborhood and she had a loud squeaky call (once again, oh so charming).  We called her Carly...what can I say...I have a 7 year old...we watch ICarly...alot...

Anyways, early in the morning of July 9th, we discovered that we had had a predator attack. 

Carly did not survive.

So, it was on!  We had to discover what attacked, avenge our Carly, and stop further casualties.  This was the hunt for the Mystery Predator, aka M.P.

We built rock walls around the chicken yard, and locked the Feathered Ladies in tightly each night.  However, the M.P. tackled our walls and still got in.  Thankfully, however, the Feathered Ladies remained safe and secure in their coop.

We borrowed Loaner Dog, hoping that he was to be our alarm system (half beagle...seemed like a good plan).  Unfortunately, Loaner Dog was a great sleeper...

We spent many of night, huddled in the darkened house, peering out windows, chasing shadows.  

And one night, after spying the M.P. from the upstairs window, my husband came running down the stairs, ready to finally ID the predator...

We staged the scene.  He jumped out the back door, with a fierce Highland yell.  I hit the lights to illuminate the yard.  We stopped.  We searched.  We jumped up and down on the deck in case it was hiding beneath (I was wearing heels - not smart, I know - so it was a bit more of a clatter).  And then I SWEAR we saw him.  Halfway up the kids playground - but it was not to be.  Either too quick, or a mere figment of the mind...either way, we were left with no solid leads. 

Then we started trapping in our attempt to stop the M.P.  And we succeeded!

But not in finding the M.P.

We did become re-aquainted with a black feral cat (tiny, but fierce) and a skunk.

And yes - we did release both unharmed.  The skunk release was a bit more comical of the two...Picture it, me, in jammies and dress shoes (again, seriously bad planning) walking towards a trapped skunk, holding a tarp high in the air as protection, simply hoping not to trip and fall on the poor thing.  Thankfully, we did see that white stripe run off on its way into the back field moments later.

And then, it was over.  The drama carried on for exactly 7 days, and then it was done.

I did hear a shot or two in the evening, a few nights ago, and while I hope that someone else dealt with the M.P. (ruthless, I know, but, seriously, Carly...), shots in the evening are not completely unusual in our area....it's country, you know? 

So, we wait...

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