Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hopes of Fall...

So, if we don't count the fact that the kids have been fighting since dawn, or that the laptop was hijacked by a virus this morning, it has been a pretty great day so far.

In the garden expansion project, another raised row has been built up, and then planted with yellow wax beans.  With careful management, and the use of the new shelters I am building, we should get a fall harvest to put up for winter.  It will be close, but possible...  Next up today will be the building of another two structures. 

With those items behind us, the rest of the day will be spent with my little people and in the kitchen.  Since the day is a bit cooler, I am planning to make and raise some pizza dough, and then bake it in advance for dinner.  Sadly, we don't have any sauce, but we should be able to figure something out about this...

Lately, we have been trying very hard to use our backyard as source of our summer meals, and have been finding some success.  The berries have gone into muffins, breads, and have been pressed into homemade juice.  The potato plants have been "robbed" for new potatoes, and onions and basil have been plucked from the ground daily.  Kale and chard are our new leafy greens.  The zucchini is starting to get bigger, so they will be a main vegetable at our table very soon...and when we can no long bear to eat them straight, zucchini bread will be made and shredded zucchini will be hidden in chocolate chip cookies. 

But, for the moment, we will relax on the couch and enjoy the moment.  Having a child perched on my shoulders and one at my elbow as I write this, I am certain this moment of stillness will very short lived...

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