Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Time to start the morning...

I think today will be one of those random days....I just have that feeling.  Lots to do, none of it too terribly crazy.  The mornings are cooler, which is lovely, but reminds me of Fall.  While I dread the coming of Fall (cause Fall is just a snapshot before Winter...), there is something lovely about it.  In a decomposing fallen leaf kinda way, of course.  But, for the moment, it is still summer.

And I know that this quiet will be very short lived.  As in - the kids will be up in an hour, and I will forget this quiet ever existed.  In an hour, I will be begging the daughter to arise from her bed (I have been known to drag her bodily from it, but frankly, she is getting too big....or I am getting too old and weak...) and the son will be trying to reason for more time on the computer.  I will need to make breakfasts, lunches, gather supplies for preschool and summer camp...The chickens will be awake, the cats will want to eat, and the guinea pigs will begin their morning protests. 

But for the moment, I enjoy the quiet.

As the kids are getting older, they are getting social lives that rival and surpass my own.  I am happy for that, as I was never a particularly outgoing child (I think that they take after their father here...he was one of those guys in highschool...you know the ones...), but I think I will need a calendar for their own appointments and playdates!  But, a busy child during the day makes a tired child at night, which I something I will always be a fan of!  I just hope I don't forget something...

But for now, it is just quiet.  I think that another cup of coffee awaits.  Then I will try to convince myself that it is a good idea to arise from the couch (this is something that the mind and the body will never agree on) and to get in line with the world.  I have supplies to gather and lists to make.  It is time for the day to begin...

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