Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Craft♥Advent Gingerbread kind of day!

We are so happy to be joining in with Emily at The Nest for Craft♥Advent - Day 4!
For our craft....we tackled the gingerbread village!

Now, I would love to say that I baked the gingerbread and made the whole kit and kaboodle from scratch...but, just isn't true.

For this fun, we had to employ the gingerbread in a box kind of approach.

The kit was pretty complete, with gingerbread, icing, and candy, all ready to go.

But, as you can see from above, sneaky fingers kept creeping over to, let's say, confirm that quality of our building materials.... 

The icing in a box worked pretty fast, which is a great thing...the kiddos were able to jump quickly into decorating.

But, I did have to remind them several times that icing should not be licked off of gingerbread houses... ;)

All assembled, we had a delicious set of five little villages houses...the kiddos assigned one to each two-legged member of the homeside (and I must say, my abode is just lovely!). 

And being my kids...the fifth home has been assigned as the outhouse.

Really.  Hmmm....

It is a lovely snow covered village :)

Well, at least until someone starts snacking! ;)

For other adventures in Craft♥Advent, check out Emily's site at The Nest!

Happy crafting everyone!!


  1. How truly lovely Lee Ann, We need to make a gingerbread village too- I really am going to have to try and find a kit though, my gingerbread never cooks properly for me... I wonder could I use (dare I say it) cardboard??!! Thanks for joining in!!

  2. those look so neat! I am really going to have to suck-it-up and do a gingerbread something this year - I have been resisting for years!



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