Saturday, December 10, 2011

Craft♥Advent - Shortbread Cookies

We are so happy to be joining in with Emily at The Nest for Craft♥Advent.

Today, we are making shortbread cookies...which just so happen to look like tree ornaments ;)  Fancy, right?  ;)

These have got to be my very most favorite cookies for the holidays...although I am not quite sure whether this is cause they are so tasty, or because they require all of three ingredients - not counting the decoratives. :)

And what are these ingredients, you ask?  Butter, flour, and sugar.  It doesn't get much simplier than that! 

And to aid in the work, we have the Kitchen Aid mixer, a hand-me-down from my grandmother (haven't a clue how far back it dates....), and the my trustee Betty Crocker CookBook (aka.  my bible - no offensive intended...).  Delightful friends, they are!

Once the three very important ingredients are mixed up, it is on to the cutting board with the handheld roller.  A fun, but messy part....leaving my kitchen kinda covered in powdered sugar...

I was kind of a slacker in cutting the shapes, using a simple drinking cup to cut the circles...but, in public, I will say that I didn't lose the cookie cutters...I was planning to make circles....really, I was... ;)

As a side note...these have green food coloring added to add some holiday cheer...and my kids did ask me why I was cooking Play Doh.  And later ate said "Play Doh"...hmmm....

For decoratives, I simply added a smattering of peppermints with sprinkles...

And...Ta Da!  15 minutes in the oven...and they are DONE!!

See?  How easy is that?
If I can do it, anyone can! 

As a bit of a sidebar...for those of you who may not be in the our house, when the smoke alarm goes off, my son calls up "Is dinner ready?" and then grabs a pillow to aid in fanning the detector....Yup - that's us!

For other adventures in Craft♥Advent, check out Emily's site at The Nest!

Happy crafting everyone!!


  1. Ohhh, Lee Ann, were you reading my mind? I was musing over needing to find a simple cookie recipe and here it is!! Truly anything with a large amount of butter and sugar can't go wrong...!!! I like your fancy cookie-cutter: looks *remarkably* like mine :) !!


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