Monday, December 19, 2011

Zucchini Bread on a crazy day....

Hi everyone!!  It is Monday yet again...we are joining in with Tonya at Plain and Joyful Living, for the Handmade Holiday

-AND (!!!)-

with Emily at The Nest for Craft♥Advent.

So, the weekend started really great - visits to family and friends, creative time with the kiddos....come Sunday afternoon, it got downright crazy.

It all started just as we got the cookbook out...

And consulted our favorite recipe for Zucchini Bread....

Last summer for a bumper crop of Zucchini, so plenty ended up shredded and put up for the winter. 

And on Sunday, into the microwave it went to defrost for Zucchini Bread....a recipe from Ms. Crocker that is soooo good, even my kids will eat it!!

However, just as the microwave finished however, it came to my attention that there was a growing puddle of water under the fridge....and then after a dash to the bathroom, we saw that that floor was soaked....and then after flinging ourselves at high speeds down to the basement, we found that it was raining.


So, long story very short....the washer malfunctioned, hence soaking a good portion of my house, which in turn allowed for the zucchini to finish defrosting...Glass half full, right? ;)

And after 3 additional hours, all was mixed up and into the oven it went!

All ready for holiday gifting!

For more organized and less crazy holiday crafting and fun, head on over to Tonya's site, Plain and Joyful Living and Emily's at The Nest for Craft♥Advent.

I will see you there!



  1. LeeAnn, I thought those things only ever happen in our house!! Lt me ask you: when you shredded the zucchini, did you cook it first or anthing or just freeze it shredded? We found one (and 2 raspberries!) in our polytunnel yesterday- definitely the last of our polytunnel veg for this year!!

  2. Hi Emily! We just shredded the zucchini and freeze it. It gives off a good deal of moistute once thawed, so you just might want to drain it a bit before cooking :)


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