Friday, December 16, 2011

Preparing for tomorrow...

Friday evening has arrived, and it seems as though the work has just begun.  The start to our holiday gifting season hits "GO" tomorrow.  And this fact is made very obvious by the current state of my house.

I arrived home, groceries in hand, only to toss the frozen pizzas to my eagering awaiting husband, so he could begin our "dinner".  Then once any other warm bodies had cleaned out of the kitchen, I was up and moving.  Pizza out, cookies in, quiche in, cookies out, more quiche in...frankly, at this point, I just hope I got the temperatures right....  it all looks OK....I guess...;)

But either way, it is all in process...

But right now, as dishes are covering the counter and cookies are once again in the oven, I am taking a break.  I have three crochet projects in the wings and a cat guarding them all ;) 

And yes, that is the orange soon-to-be blanket of my son...and it is looking like a grannie square...but, someday, it will grow up to be a real blanket!

Wishing everyone a wonderful start to the weekend... :)

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