Sunday, December 18, 2011

Call me crazy, but....

OK, so I know that this is crazy.

Snow is on the ground.  Cookies are in the oven.  Solstice is only days away....

But I can't wait for next year's garden.

I have found myself logging in to my account at High Mowing, and building my wish list...kale, edamame, sweet peas...the list is starting to get out of hand - already!!  And the growing season in not even in sight.

But this next season will be our largest yet, with over a quarter of an acre completely dedicated to growing edibles.  I can't even begin to imagine the volume of food we will be able to harvest this next year.  As it was, with our garden of last year, I found myself sending my daughter from house to house in the neighborhood, dropping off squash, cucumbers, kale, etc...that we just couldn't put up for ourselves.

Our garden of last year had outgrown out storage abilities...

And now, we have grown that garden to be at least four times bigger.

I think we will need some more canning jars....and cupboard space...and maybe a freezer chest...

But first...we will daydream and grow that garden wish list ;)

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