Monday, December 12, 2011


So...I found a surprise in the mail today.

Or, at least, what I thought to be a surprise.

A new magazine - a homesteading magazine!  Did I subscribe to something?  I didn't remember doing so...

I scratched my head.  I racked my brain.

And, that I saw..."Backyard Bees"!!! 


It was a sign! 

I had been thinking about that we should consider beekeeping in the future...Can't you just imagine it?  Honey, spun from hives, inhabited by bees we care for...if, that is, you can care for bees.

How does one care for bees?

I know nothing about bees...but, that's OK.  I can figure this out.  We have 54 acres, after all.  Plenty of room for bees.

It is a sign!

But, then I look closer....

"Homestead".  Published by "John Deere".


An advertisement.  Hmmm...

But, that's OK...let's still call it a sign, OK?

We're gonna get us some bees!!

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