Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Crafting days...

Good morning everyone!  It is Wednesday, and we are Yarning Along with Ginny and joining in with Tami's Amis' Work in Progress  and Ambassador Crochet today!

So, the holidays are over...and I am exhausted!  I hear what you might be saying...'What about New Years?  That's a holiday!'....well, we aren't much for celebrating that one, short of trying to watch MTV's New Years count down and lamenting over how old we have gotten...frankly, we don't recognize any of the music video hosts...what happened to Carsen Daly??

So, to get back to my point, the holidays are over for us, and we are left with some days at home with the kids on the school break...and a good sort of time on my hands for some crafting....and I have been doing just that.

Last week, my goal was to finish up my son's blanket this week, and as you see above, I just might succeed.  I have been fiercely refusing to let myself start anything new until that blanket is done.  Motivation?  I think so....I am craving to start a new shawl with the beautiful wool fiber that I have been stockpiling....but, soon enough.

Well, that is all on this end :)  Head on over to Ginny's, Tami's, and Ambassador's Crochet other interesting ventures into fiber and literary fun.


  1. Your son's blanket looks great...maybe it's the lighting, but it doesn't looks like florescent orange!!!

  2. You made me giggle over the loss of Carson Daly! The blanket looks wonderful and cozy.

  3. Chuckle about Carson Daily! Is he not there anymore? I would not recognize anyone either and in my teens all I watched was MTV. Well, either way, have a happy new year and good job on completing project before starting new ones, that is a big problem for me.

  4. LeeAnn - too funny!
    Love the blanket - excellent motivation.
    Happy New Year

  5. We don't do New Year's either, maybe it's an age thing. Thanks so much for sharing your progress on the blanket. It looks great!


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