Thursday, December 29, 2011


It is cold out.

After weeks of temps in the 30's of so, we have now hit true winter with a current temp of 0 degrees F.  And while I know that this is normal for Vermont, I am not loving this.

Morning found us early, as the husband and I arose at 4:15am (and whole 15 minutes earlier than normal, I realize with chagrin...).  While he went out, greeted the snow plow and started his car, I began his breakfast and lunch prep.  He was leaving early to go pick up a friend to car pool.

Once he was out the door, it was time for me to bundle up and head out into the cold.  First up were the chickens.

After shoveling the chicken yard, their coop door was opened ( the heat light having been turned on previously), and their water bowl was filled.  In peeking into the coop, I saw some of the smallest ladies picking up one leg, and then the other in an attempt to keep warm.  I wondered if those little ones might need a turn inside if temps got much colder.

Once the ladies were all set, it was time to drag the trash and recycling to the curb.  The holidays provided a plentiful amount to be laid out in wait, and I found cause to use my children's sled to drag it out.  The air was fridge, my breath sheilded only by the fleece camo ski mask that is my favored attire outside these days...which in turn fogged my glasses so that I couldn't even see.  Sometimes it is hard to win in these situations...

But, now I am inside.  My cats are beginning to swarm as they contemplate jumping on my laptop, and I am considering either climbing into a hot bath or a warm bed until the kids awaken.

Stay warm, my friends.  It is cold out there.

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