Friday, December 2, 2011

A really good day...

Such a great day. 

Like, a really great day.

I was at a conference...on taxes...advance get the picture.

But the presenter - holy &*%$!  So flipp'in funny!

And THAT is definitely not the norm!

And, to add to the fun, I happen to be one of those who fidget unbearable when sitting in one place for too long.  So, I craft...and craft...and then craft some more.

'Cause, crochet is quite socially acceptable at these events...or at least I have convinced myself that this is the case ('course, everyone could have been sizing me up out of the corners of the eyes, asking themselves what the crazy yarn lady was doing this time....but I prefer my original thoughts to the contrary ;)  )

So, it was a fantastically entertaining day - humorous tax stories, important learning, great company, warm handmade shawls, and some surprisingly good cookies (like, seriously, how do they had jam inside of the cookies?  I mean, like, really?)

It was a really good day.

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