Sunday, December 11, 2011

A surprisingly difficult day...

It was an unexpectedly difficult day.

Very unexpected.

I had such high hopes, and such good plans.  My daughter was off with her father to a holiday event, so it was just me and my little man.

And we were going to hit the streets!  Santa, afterall, was holding court in the next town over.  And we were ready to chat up the man in red.

My little man was excited and dressed in his very best attire (charcoal gray sweatpants and a logo StarWars t-shirt - he is all of 6 after all) to meet his soon to be BFF. 

We were going to drop my daughter off for her event, then stop by a craft store (not a pleasure visit, but a necessity...a tailoring affair gone awry and needing immediate assistance...), drop by his fav fast food chain (ugh!  shudders....a very rare occasion, indeed), and then off to the big event.

But, this momma screwed up.  I got the time wrong, and as we were getting into town, then event was ending...and then I couldn't even figure out where we were supposed to go even if we were on time!

It was awful.

Truely awful.

My little man was so upset, crying and then yelling at me.  And I felt SO bad that I couldn't help but to start crying too!  Right there, in a parking lot of a pharmacy.  We must have been quite the sight.

But, a few minutes (and a call to my mother....what can I say?  She will always be my topnotch go-to person), later, we were back on the road, heading to a local diner for a late lunch of chocolate chip pancakes and chocolate milk.

Chocolate is healing.

And, after our glorious meals, we headed down the street and rented us a movie.

So, you ask, did we save the day?  I don't know. 

But, my little man went to bed happily...and I hope to do the same in an hour or so...and we may both dream of Smurfs running through the streets.

So, I guess that is a success of sorts...

Just not the way we planned...

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  1. Awwww. Poor you. Sometimes we moms get overwhelmed and things just don't go according to plan. I'd say you saved the day though. Don't beat yourself up over this.


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